PULSATE is an European Network designed to boost and empower the adoption of laser-based manufacturing among the European Industry.

PULSATE offers networking, matchmaking, technical and financial support, fostering the opportunities and capacities of technology developers, top research centres, manufacturers and key support partners.


About Laser-Based Manufacturing

Laser technology can radically change many industries and provide benefits for flexible manufacturing in highly digitalized production environments. Laser based manufacturing is particularly beneficial for sectors like aerospace, automotive, medical devices, industrial machinery, customized electronics and textile, sectors where mass customization trends push the limits of conventional manufacturing.

European manufacturing companies, and particularly SMEs, have strong entry barriers to the technology: investment costs, complexity, system integration, awareness and adoption readiness. PULSATE aims to lower all barriers to boost the adoption of Laser Based Manufacturing and promoting the development of SME-friendly equipment and solutions.

How to become a partner

Becoming a partner of the PULSATE network will enable you to participate in the adoption of laser-based manufacturing, either as an adopter, a provider of equipment, services or knowledge, and benefit from the largest European community of the whole value chain in Laser Manufacturing.


Anyone can create a user in the system, but to be active, the user must be associated with a registered entity. You can confirm your affiliation to an entity already registered (the manager of your entity will approve your membership and you are ready to go); or register a new entity and wait for the PULSATE approval.



To register a new entity, you simply need to follow the instructions in our FAQ, fill in the online registration form, and accept the applicable terms of use (Network Agreement). PULSATE will check your application in a short time.

We have two different types of members: the regular members can interact with the network, post demands, share knowledge and engage in discussions, and they can request the licensing of any of the available services and offers in our Agora. Regular membership is available for free.

The second category is that of the Sellers: this type of members can offer services, create their marketplace elements (consultancies, apps, training courses, …), and answer to the requests and demands of the regular members. Fees apply to this category of members.

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For Members

If you are are or could become a user of Laser Technology (manufacturing company which can use laser in your processes), we recommend you to check the available offer of courses, consultings and apps, filtering by category or through direct search.

If you have a particular demand which is not covered by the available offer, try posting your own request for a match here.

For Sellers

If your organisation is a Provider (service provider, technology developer, researcher, integrator, etc…), please check the FAQ entry on how to create your own marketplace service, and remember to carefully update your company profile (under “account>settings”) with all the information required to be found for your matching partner.

For Everyone

We encourage everyone to engage in the Community by subscribing to those discussion panels matching your interests, or even create your own panel.

If you have any doubt, please check the FAQ section, or contact us at hello@pulsate.eu.

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