Galleries for Pulse CMS

Galleries as plug-ins

Pulsate offers a collection of ready to use galleries as plug-ins of Pulse CMS. Each plug-in extends the default tags for galleries with new custom tags.


The default tags for galleries of Pulse CMS

The Pulse CMS media feature

The media feature allows managing images from the admin panel such as create a gallery folder and upload photos into, sort and add captions to each photo. Then you can place that gallery by means of the default tags. Pulsate plug-ins connect to media feature and create new galleries, making them available with custom tags.

Media feature - admin Pulse panel. Example of sorted images in a gallery


Download the plug-in and extract the two PHP files inside. The file pulsate.php is common to all plug-ins, the other depends on the gallery chosen and its filename gives the name to the custom tag. Place the two file in your Pulse root respectively in

pulsate.php --> inc/plugins
tag-name.php --> inc/tags

now you have a new custom tag to embed and basically the syntax is


tag-name depends on the gallery chosen and galleryName is the folder containing the images.