PULSATE will set-up and consolidate a robust and open PAN European Network, to promote and facilitate the adoption of Laser-Based Advanced Additive Manufacturing (LBAAM) technologies. PULSATE serves as a Single-Entry Point to support SMEs and Mid caps by connecting Digital Innovation Hubs (DIHs), top class Competence Centres, Public Institutions, Standardization Organizations, Financing and Business Development entities. PULSATE will also offer trainings, technical webinars and brokerage and matchmaking events.


Through our PAN-European Network for Laser-Based Advanced and Additive Manufacturing PULSATE will:

  • Mobilise at least 200 SMEs to participate in open calls: 20 Technology Transfer Experiments (TTEs) and 42 Adopters Use Cases (AUCs).
  • Consolidate technological and business offering by providing at least 5 LBAAM access to infrastructure, 4 software services and 8 business support services.
  • Consolidate digital competency by offering a minimum of 6 digital maturity assessment and 6 LBAAM technology knowledge development services.
  • Deliver at least 6 specific technical webinars, 2 info-days, 4 general webinars and 11 specific brokerage and matchmaking events.
  • Deliver at least 30 courses offering on training in LBAAM and publish at least 20 training materials.
  • Successfully deliver training to 1,000 trainees in LBAAM technologies.
  • Achieve a minimum of 500 community members/ users and a wide catalogue of services.

Our full set of services to companies around the following pillars:

  • Digital maturity assessment
  • Access to technological knowledge
  • Access to infrastructure
  • Software as a Service
  • Business development support
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