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Best Practice Experiments

PULSATE partners have tested the whole support chain from concept to prototype, in two key areas: Additive Manufacturing and Laser Surface Texturing. In this panel, the main individual findings will be presented on each technology and step of the process.

Panel related to Equipment design and selection, Model-based product & process optimisation, Path planning & CAM, Process development and optimization, Process qualification, Product design, Prototyping in the context of Aerospace (Aeronautics), Automotive, Customised Electronics, Industrial Machinery, Manufacturing, Medical Devices, Textile & Clothing

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Digital Agora

The Digital Agora is a B2B cloud-based platform that seeks for streamlining the access to and adoption of ICT technologies and solutions, thanks to its dedicated functionalities to support Community interactions and Marketplace services.

Panel related to Cloud-based Platform in the context of Manufacturing

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