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Welcome to our Success Stories section, where we share the real-world wins of those who've tapped into PULSATE's resources. These stories showcase how different companies have made great strides with laser technology and the practical impact of our network. From small business upgrades to big industry innovations, you'll see how collaboration and the right tech can lead to exciting results. Dive in to see what's possible and get inspired for your own journey.

Laser Tech Collaboration Projects (TTEs)

These collaborations feature at least two SMEs or slightly larger companies working together to push the boundaries of laser-based innovation. Each project has journeyed through a 13-month intensive PULSATE Support Programme, receiving both technical and business mentoring to elevate their experiments. The ultimate aim of these partnerships is to forge new laser-based equipment and processes, alongside software solutions that are tailor-made for the dynamic and flexible production lines typical of SMEs. Here, innovation is not just about the technology itself, but also about fostering digital tools that enhance productivity, flexibility, and traceability, thereby simplifying the path towards advanced manufacturing.

1st TTEs
2nd TTEs

Laser Manufacturing Boost for end-users (AUCs)

Through PULSATE's program, these businesses, ranging from SMEs to slightly larger enterprises, received funding and hands-on assessments to bring laser-based advancements into their daily operations. Our partners in the PULSATE Consortium provided personalized mentorship, helping these companies to thoroughly understand how laser technology can work for them, both technically and as a smart business move. Here, you'll meet the innovators and makers from across the EU and its partner countries who are shaping the future of manufacturing.

1st AUCs

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