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Simulation of laser ultrasound-generated waves for US inspection

Simulation of laser ultrasound-generated waves for US inspection optimization

Consulting related to Model-based product & process optimisation Path planning & CAM Process development and optimization in the context of Aerospace (Aeronautics) Automotive Customised Electronics Industrial Machinery Manufacturing

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Unit Price: EUR 20,000.00 / 1.0 Real Cost


CEA List can support your laser ultrasound inspection activity with digital tools such as CIVA, a simulation platform for non-destructive testing and experimental demonstration.


Our engineers and technicians will study your needs, run a feasibility analysis, run the NDT simulation and data analysis using our platform CIVA that is the world’s leading simulation and analysis software for non-destructive testing (NDT).

Focus: mainly metallic parts.


Simulation tool for laser ultrasound inspection

Experimental validation on specific use cases

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Experimental demonstration and validation

Experimental demonstration and validation on basic cases and imagery technic (B-scan, C-scan, pulse-echo, etc …)

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Simulation of the laser beam interaction

Simulation of the laser beam interaction with a solid medium and inspection process, according to product and specifications of manufacturing material and quality requirements. Restriction to parts made of a metallic material (no optical beam penetration). Propagation and interactions of generated bulk waves with CIVA ray-based and FE models.

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