PULSATE 2024: Laser Innovations Summit

18 - 19 June 2024, Brussels, Belgium

The PULSATE 2024: Laser Innovations Summit

Join us for an enlightening two-day summit designed to showcase the latest advancements and applications of laser technology in manufacturing. The PULSATE 2024: Laser Innovations Summit is set to bring together industry leaders, innovative thinkers, and pioneering researchers to explore how laser technology is revolutionizing manufacturing across various sectors.

Event overview

This event will feature a robust agenda filled with insightful keynotes, comprehensive overviews, and interactive sessions. Highlights include:

  • A detailed exploration of the laser-based manufacturing landscape.
  • Engaging discussions on the role of AI in laser manufacturing.
  • Success stories from front-runners in the field.
  • A round table with stakeholders from major industry players.

For more information: https://ac.epic-photonics.com/pulsate-2024

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