The 1st Open Call for Technology Transfer Experiments is now closed

23 April 2021

The first open call organized by PULSATE has been closed with 35 submitted applications from 16 countries

The PULSATE project, which is part of the I4MS initiative, aims to improve the adoption of laser solutions by manufacturers inside the production line through four open calls that will be organised in order to select help top 62 bottom up projects. They will receive funding and access to the knowledge and services offered by PULSATE in all areas of Laser-Based Manufacturing: micro/nano-processing, laser-based Additive Manufacturing, High Power Laser-based Manufacturing, and LBAAM Digitisation.

The final aim is to foster the SMEs' potential through the development and implementation of technologies, skills, and digital capabilities, especially in the fields of aerospace (aeronautics), medical devices, customised electronics, industrial machinery and textile and clothing.

The experiment consortia selected through 1st TTEs will become part of the 13-month PULSATE Support Programme, during which the PULSATE partners will offer a full set of technical and business mentoring services to scale up the experiments.

The main results achieved from the execution of the experiments will include the development of innovative laser-based equipment, processes, ancillary equipment and software, looking for solutions particularly adapted to flexible production environments, typical in SMEs, and the digital tools which improve the productivity, flexibility and traceability, lowering the entry barriers.

The evaluation process is ongoing and the selected finalists will be announced in the coming weeks, after external and independent evaluators from the industry have assessed the excellence, impact and implementation possibilities of each of the applications.

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