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PULSATE's 2nd Open Call for Adopters: Meet the beneficiaries

In the fast-evolving world of technology, staying ahead of the curve is essential for businesses and manufacturing companies. PULSATE, the EU-funded initiative, has unveiled the winners for the 2nd Open Call for adopters, offering a unique opportunity to take their innovations to the next level.

  • A Global Response

The 2nd Open Call generated significant interest, with applications pouring in from 17 different countries. It's heartening to see a diverse array of companies and innovators from various corners of Europe coming together to explore the possibilities of LBAAM technology.

Areas of Implementation

The proposals selected for areas of implementation encompass a wide range of sectors, reflecting the versatility of LBAAM technology. Here's a breakdown of the selected areas:

Technology for Cost-Effective Laser-Based Manufacturing: 40%

Flexible Technology for Small to Large Batches: 26%

First-Part Right and Zero-Defect Laser-Based Production: 14%

Laser Equipment Integration, Interoperability, and Robust Automation: 12%

From CAD to PLM: Data Integration and Flow: 8%

Meet the Innovators

Among the companies selected to participate in this groundbreaking initiative, we have a diverse lineup, each with unique projects that promise to push the boundaries of what LBAAM technology can achieve. These companies come from different corners of the EU and beyond, showcasing the international appeal of PULSATE. Here's a glimpse of some of the participating companies and their projects:

LaSARM: Laser Based SARM prototypes (the SARM project)

STED-VL: STED-based Volumetric Lithography (Photosynthetic B.V.)

BEAM-DOE: Diffractive optical elements formation using laser-based methods (MB "Plazmonika")

Showee: Showee, an eco-smart shower for dependent people (Showee Smart Wellness S.L.)

4VG - LBAA: MAssessment of SLA (4V Games, MB)

HORIZER: HORIZER Horizer UG (haftungsbeschränkt)

NomaDQ: Digital Qualification of deployed Additive Manufacturing (Fieldmade)

MultiBEAM: Multi-Beam Enhanced femtosecond lAser Micro-drilling (KIRANA S.R.L)

Processing of thick and brittle wafers using pulsed laser ablation (Advancete Limited)

NOAHUP: Nanostructured optics application for high UV powers (Beamera UAB)

LaserEncap: Development of laser based advanced encapsulation for electronics (AZURE PHOTON, LDA)

OPTIPOMIX: OPTImisation of a POlyurethane MIXer (ITACAe)

BLISS: Biodegradable Medical Devices - Laser-Powered Innovative Solutions for Healing (TRABTECH MEDİKAL İLERİ TEKNOLOJİLER ANONİM ŞİRKETI)

PRINT-LBAAM: PRINT Letterpress and Relief Printing - Laser-Based Advanced & Additive Manufacturing association (Éva Somogyi self-employer)

UCUT: MUltifunctional laser teChnology for profiles cUTting (Corte y Calderería Laser Bidez S.L.)

FastSat: Aditively manufactored Multifunctional chassis fot nanosatellites (Visign Ltd)

OrthoDent: 3D printing and digitization of orthodontics workflow (StreamOwl Private Company)

Advanced Surface for Stainless Steel Cookware (Cristel)

STAMAS AMStamas' Powder Bed Fusion Upskilling Program for Advanced Manufacturing (Stamas Solutions AS)


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