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Building a Digital Agora specialized in LBAAM for manufacturers

The manufacturing industry is continuously being challenged by the ever changing circumstances, such as the individualization of products, the complexity of regulations, and the dependencies in a globalized market, among others. These challenges can only be overcome if the manufacturers develop the capacity to rapidly adapt and innovate their processes and productions under different conditions. ICT-driven solutions are becoming key enablers in the manufacturing industry toward strengthening their resilience and their ability to cope with new challenges.

To this end, clesgo GmbH - a German startup - is working toward facilitating the democratization and adoption of ICT-enabled solutions in the manufacturing industry. clesgo has joined forces with other partners to work on projects that empower innovative manufacturers with technologies and solutions such as:

  • cloud-based software applications for manufacturing processes or
  • AI-augmented flexible and modularized digital twins.

clesgo is working together with the PULSATE partners toward making the use of Laser-Based Advanced and Additive Manufacturing (LBAAM) technologies a practical reality for the manufacturing industry. LBAAM technology has the great potential to radically transform the manufacturing industry:

  • LBAAM technology is in general cleaner and produce less pollution, and
  • LBAAM technology is more precise, it can be applied in a localized manner (e.g. localized hardening), and it facilitates the manufacturing of optimized products (e.g. additive manufacturing).

These characteristics translate into more efficient manufacturing processes and into products with better performance, reducing the overall pollution in the production and in the usage phases, and contributing to battling global warming. Nevertheless, LBAAM technology is still perceived as very “exotic” and it is still associated with higher maintenance and personal costs. This is where the PULSATE project plays a transcendent role in democratizing the access to information and solutions around LBAAM technologies.

clesgo, with its complementary competence within the PULSATE consortium, aims to set up a digital ecosystem, where manufacturers and LBAAM experts get together,discover one another, and build trustworthy business relationships. On the one hand, manufacturers can look for LBAAM-related know-how, interact with experts and other peers, and find experts with proven solutions for specific challenges. On the other hand, the LBAAM experts can respond to challenges posed by manufacturers, promote and showcase their solutions and infrastructures, and offer their experience and know-how. 

 This digital ecosystem is realized by means of clesgo’s Digital Agora; a B2B cloud-based platform that seeks for streamlining the access to and adoption of LBAAM technologies and solutions, thanks to its dedicated functionalities to support Community interactions and Marketplace services around LBAAM.

The Community of the Digital Agora aims to empower its members to share and to interact with one another and to benefit from the collective intelligence of other participating manufacturers and experts. The Community has the following custom functionalities:

  • “Insights” enable the members of the Community to share content with one another;
  • “Panels” facilitate the creation of and the participation in purpose-aligned discussions; and
  • “Matches” connects consumers with providers via calls for solutions.

The Marketplace of the Digital Agora focuses on enabling the exploration of the technology experts’ capabilities, in order to boost the innovation and competitiveness of the manufacturers’ production processes. The Marketplace has the following tailored functionalities:

  • “Apps” allow the promotion and showcasing of software applications;
  • “Consulting” supports the individualized configuration of projects to digitally accompany and support consultancy processes; and
  • “Partners” feature the individual expert companies with their profile, allowing the manufacturers to learn about their expertise, solutions, and offerings. 

 The Digital Agora’s purpose is to be positioned as the place to go for everything related to LBAAM technologies and solutions.

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