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LASEA SA is located in Seraing (Belgium) and works on solutions related to Equipment design and selection in the context of Manufacturing

LASEA, spin-off of the Liège Space Center, combines the most innovative equipment with uncompromising industrial reliability for the most demanding sectors such as med-tech, watchmaking and jewelry, electronics, and academia. LASEA designs and manufactures workstations and special machines for applications of marking, engraving, cutting, drilling, texturing and thin film ablation and micro-welding.

A pioneer in the use of the femtosecond laser since 2003, LASEA continuously invests to remain at the forefront of innovation. With its experts in optics, mechanics and automation, LASEA develops new technologies and processes for the most complex applications.

Chosen by the references of its preferred sectors, LASEA implements laser machines around the world with a single objective: to provide its customers with a high-precision, reliable result, meeting the highest quality standards, while guaranteeing the confidentiality of each project and the shortest returns on investment.

With an international team, LASEA is able to provide specific, industrial and innovative solutions covering, beyond lasers, fields such as automation, optics, robotics and vision. LASEA is also present in France (Bordeaux), the USA (San Diego) and Switzerland (Biel). In addition, since the acquisition of Optec in 2020, and Laser Cheval in 2022, the LASEA group is able to meet a greater number of needs. With several application laboratories equipped with more than 25 laser sources, LASEA is able to find and validate the best technical solution, make prototypes and contribute to the industrialization of the developed process.

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