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PULSATE Network is located in Porriño (Spain)

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PULSATE is the European Network that connects actors of the Science-Technology-Industry chain, to boost the use and implmementation of Laser-Based Manufacturing Technologies. Our goal is to reach all those companies who want to fit in an Industry 4.0 environment and enter the world of laser-based technologies. emerges from the PULSATE European Funded Project (Grant Agreement No 951998, H2020), and is operating now as an established Network and a Single Entry Point for networking, service request, service provision, training and knowledge exchange, for free or for business.

The Network is managed by the core entities which created PULSATE: AIMEN, CEA, Fraunhofer IWS, MTC, SINTEF, FTMC, EPIC, FundingBox and CLESGO.

Any company, RTO, university or profesional in the field of laser manufacturing, can register the portal and be part of the Network, We aspire to be the main European network for laser manufacturing, and enable a rich exchange of information and capabilities that simplifies the Laser Technology adoption process, lowering the risks and . PULSATE is an strictly B2B platform.

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