PULSATE at PLI conference

27 - 28 September 2023, Rennes, France

AIMEN will represent PULSATE at PLI conference.

PLI Conference is an event dedicated to industrial laser processes and their advances. The attendees can look forward to a 2-day program with an agenda including topics like welding, structuring - beam shaping, additive manufacturing or transparent materials, and semiconductors structuring.

Ambroise Vandewynckèlewill introduce PULSATE and success stories of the project during the session dedicated to Additive manufacturing on 27 September 2023

PLI conference is organized by the Club Laser et Procédés, Cailabs, Institut Maupertuis and Photonics Bretagne ; and sponsored by Amplitude and Alphanov. Learn more here: https://www.clp-laser.fr/en/event/pli-conference-2023/presentation-2

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