Injected MLA

Aim: Design and manufacture micro lens array projectors using mold injection tool micro milled by femtosecond laser.

Brief description: To develop the manufacturing of a new concept of MLA (microlens array) by engraving the mould using femtosecond laser and injecting plastic. That would result in a much faster manufacturing in a cost-effective way. The price reduction compared with the actual manufacturing of the MLA would be very big. The project should provide Microrelleus of the knowledge and calculation tools of how to design different micro lens array projectors that works in different conditions, distance of the projector, angle of aperture, image variations… And the know how about the main conditions that must be respected to the correct working of the final product like roughness of the surface of the lens, accuracy in position and definition of the mask, led properties that must be fulfilled.

Benefits: The microlens array projectors are nowadays very expensive, specially thinking in automotive industry, because the manufacture method is limited to nano technology and nano lithography. Use the LBAAM technologies on the device that Microrelleus wants to develop will make the product more accessible to different customers and markets. In automotive lighting market, for example, it is very interesting product both for safety and for marketing purposes.

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Injected MLA
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