Aim: Required support for the Relja Junior Company will be demonstration of cutting, welding and drilling metal using laser technologies and machines with the aim to find and establish adequate model for our Company.

Brief description: The basic course of action of the project is the adoption of LBAAM technology. The company has stable growth, but it needs the application of modern LBAAM technologies in order to be competitive on the domestic and EU markets. Technology development is primarily focused on welding and cutting different profiles for building structures, but there is a lack of knowledge about the use of lasers. It is also important to gain certain experiences through the project that would enable a change in technological processes, an increase in quality, but also a change in the range of products and services.

Benefits: The main benefit is the creation of conditions for the application of LBAAM technologies. It is of great importance to expand the program of products and services that will be competitive on the domestic and EU markets.

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