LF4 project

Aim: A technical and business feasibility study for developing and acquiring laser technology for plastic welding applications.

Brief description: Euromodel Engineering specializes in designing and manufacturing machines for thermoplastic welding using various technologies, such as ultrasonic and hot plate welding. Laser welding is also a technology offering but the company has been focusing on CO2 gas lasers for their machines. Euromodel Engineering is keen to expand its technical understanding of the different methods and techniques of using different lasers for plastic welding and the business case for using other laser sources compared to CO2 lasers in its current machine offering. The project will conduct a horizon scanning activity to identify the different types of laser welding for plastic, the sources that can achieve plastic welding, and the range of plastic that can be welded with lasers. This is followed by small laser welding trials and a business consultation session to examine business feasibility and cost analysis.

Benefits: Enhance business offering, enabling a wider range of plastic materials to be welded with the machine on offer.

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