REALISM (laseR basEd mAnufacturing with eLectrostatic dIScharge Materials)

Aim: Evaluate the possibility of producing electrostatic discharge parts with Laser VAT Photopolymerization and evaluate if the change to laser-based AM allows reducing the amount of time in post-processing while still achieving the requirements.

Brief description: With the change to Laser-AM the objective is to increase productivity, without increasing the cost of the parts, including the cost and time required for post-processing. This will be done taking in consideration the time saved in the post-processing and the possible re-design of the parts. Also, the other objective is to evaluate the range of applications, looking at the obtained properties, for those materials and how they compare with the current materials.

Benefits: This project will enable us to make an in-depth comparison between Material Extrusion and VAT Photopolymerization produced parts using ESD materials. This comparison will encapsule mechanical properties, production time and post-processing time.

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