Aim: Assessment of the implementation of LBAAM processes in the manufacturing of high-resolution ion mobility analytical instrumentation.

Brief description: MION's DMA (Differential Mobility Analyzer) is a narrow band ion analyzer that filters the ions according to their electrical mobility by the orthogonal combination of a laminar flow and an electrical filter. The DMA has three key elements: 2 electrodes and an isolation box. A high accuracy in the three elements, especially in the input and output slits, is required for the optimal operation of the DMA. The manufacturing of these critical elements by tradicional machining techniques is very difficult and some iterations are typically required. In the other hand, the material of the isolation box is peek (Polyether ether ketone) which is an expensive plastic material.

Benefits: The implementation of LBAAM processes in the manufacturing of the DMA will generate the following advantages: correct at the first time; reduction of the material needed; reduction of the subproduct/residues; reduction of costs; posibility to test other materials that its manufacturing is not possible by tradicional techniques.

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