Aim: Developing a new method for fast and reproducible manufacturing of submicron diameter holes on polyimide membranes. The project goal is to increase the speed and size reproducibility in drilling of micro holes in the sub micrometer range for flow cells production (di agnostic consumable).

Description: The innovative method we will develop relies on a new fs laser emitting flexible bursts of GHz pulses with arbitrary shapes combined with an in-line machining vision system to increase process robustness. We will exploit the flexibility of the burst mode laser to finely optimize the drilling process. A system with tight focusing optics and a motorized beam expander will be implemented to ensure tailored spot sizes.

Benefits: Sub Micro holes and in particular micropores can revolutionize the field of nanoparticle analysis . Micropore detection is a unique, scalable technology that enables direct, real time analysis of single molecules. Elements is currently developing a viral and bacterial detection system able to diagnose any kind of infection in less than one minute. This technology can also be applied in the polluted ai r, water and food and beverage analysis.

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