Aim: Development of an industrial simulation tool to estimate residual stresses and deformation that will lead to Optimization of manufacturing parameters. The second objective is to manufacture a first-time-right part (controlled costs + competitive manufacturing), accelerating the industrialization phase for DED AM parts.

Technology: During DED manufacturing, distortions and cracks can be created in parts due to residual stresses (thermal cycling). SUPER MAM will employ a macroscale approach using cutting-edge technology. Through the development of an industrial simulation tool (by optimizing critical manufacturing parameters like power, material, dwell time, strategy, and geometry), they will not only estimate residual stresses but also aid in manufacturing or repairing parts with precision using DED technology.

Benefits: With a macroscale approach and a practical tool, SUPER MAM will provide comprehensive and industrial responses to new manufacture or repair requests using DED technology: (a) Works on pre-industrialization of small series, looking for performance repeatability and reproducibility; (b) Use of simulation to validate the DED process and integrate it into production cycles; (c) Reduce the industrialization time by decreasing the number of test error cycle.

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