PULSATE Open Call Results: Meet the Selected Projects

2 January 2023

PULSATE is glad to share the list of selected beneficiaries of the open call for second technology transfer experiments. Selected projects will participate in a 13-month support program starting in early 2023.

PULSATE Network is designed and dedicated to boosting the adoption of laser-based advanced and additive manufacturing (LBAAM) technology that will empower the European Manufacturing industry digitalization.

The selected projects:
Experiment: Laser-based 3D manufacturing of electronic systems

Companies involved: Cyber POD, FAE Technology S.p.a., Armengaud Innovate GmbH

Technology: Laser-based 3D manufacturing for fast prototyping of customized electronics systems targeting a sustainable and resilient European industry.

Experiment: Laser Riblets II

Companies involved: bionic surface technologies GmbH, Biboaqua S.L.

Technology: Implementation and Validation of Optimized Femtosecond-Laser Riblets to Improve Fluid-Dynamic Efficiency of Semi Axial Submersible Pumps.

Experiment: Optical element manipulating geometric phase of laser beam assembled with focusing optics

Companies involved: Altechna R&D, Beamera

Technology: Optical element manipulating geometric phase of laser beam assembled with focusing optics.

Experiment: Improvement and optimisation of the hybrid AM process by advanced digital tool

Companies involved: BALMAR d.o.o. STROKA PRODUKT d.o.o. DISTECH Disruptive Technologies GmbH

Technology: Development and implementation of advanced digital tool for effective monitoring and optimisation of different AM processes.

Experiment: Implementation of new glass cutting technology utilizing femtosecond laser GHz bursts

Companies involved: UAB Precizika Metrology, MB Laser Fabrication Technologies

Technology: Glass cutting technology development utilizing GHz burst of femtosecond laser.

Experiment: HIGH-Quality large area metal additive manuFACTuring

Companies involved: Dynamic Optics srl, Aconity Gmbh

Technology: Large area laser beam shaping for high resolution and high productivity metal 3D printing.

Experiment: COmpact Blue-light based Additive manufacturing Laser machine for high-Tech customized products

Companies involved: Alite srl, Morphica srl

Technology: Bringing the blue laser revolution in novel concept compact Additive Manufacturing machines for personalized high-tech parts.

Experiment: Sub-Micron hOles driLling by fLExible buRst mode fs laser for nanoparticle analysis

Companies involved: Lithium Lasers Srl, Kirana SRL, Elements Srl

Technology: Manufacturing of reproducible sub micron on thin polyimide films for nanoparticle detection by an new fs laser source delivering flexible GH.

Experiment: Laser-based repairing application for stamping/forging moulds in automotive industry

Companies involved: IRIS s.r.l., Eurodies Italia s.r.l.

Technology: Novel approach to laser-based advanced metal additive manufacturing repairing method for long lasting mold.

Experiment: Customized Ultra-Friction Surface Solution

Companies involved: MLEngraving, SKM Aeronautics

Technology: Customized Ultra-Friction Surface Solution: Surface friction management of final parts obtained by mold texturing, instead of sandblasting.

Experiment: SimUlation of DED additive manufacturing ProcEss foR the Manufacturing of a lArge and coMplex shaped

Companies involved: OPT'ALM, CiTD Engineering & Technologies s.l

Technology: It consists of using numerical simulation to optimise additive manufacturing process for the manufacturing of large and complex shaped part.

Contacting Electronics on textile

Companies involved: Intelectronics OOD, Bulgarlaser 2020 OOD

Technology: Robotic Machine For The Population Of Conductive Textile Ribbon With Electronic Circuits.

Congratulations to all the winners.

What is next?

PULSATE Support Program for Technology Transfer Experiments will start in January 2023 and last for 13 months.

Through the program, the Experiments will receive:

  • Up to 150 000 EUR funding per Experiment project
  • A full set of technical and business mentoring services to scale up the Experiments
  • Media exposure
  • Access to private and public funding

Open Call

As part of the drive to promote jobs and growth in the European photonics industry, PULSATE was set up in 2020 with a grant of €7.9 million under the EU's Horizon 2020 program as a four-year project to promote and facilitate the adoption of LBAAM technologies. Details about PULSATE can be found on their Website and Community.

Laser-based advanced and additive manufacturing technologies play an important role in furthering digital production and offer important advantages to the companies that adopt them. However, barriers such as high investment costs, complex technology, and system integration, and lack of awareness hinder their adoption by SMEs. PULSATE aims to mitigate these barriers by creating a Europe-wide network to enable and encourage SMEs to participate in LBAAM innovation and become more globally competitive.


PULSATE has received funding from the European Union's Horizon 2020 research and innovation program under Grant Agreements No 951998. It is an initiative of the Photonics Public Private Partnership. This content reflects only the authors' view, and the European Commission and Photonics 21 are not responsible for any use that may be made of the information it contains.

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