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Consulting related to Process development and optimization in the context of Manufacturing

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The laser processing group at the MTC is here to accelerate the uptake of laser-based manufacturing by developing the technology and systems required to address the key challenges of the technology.

We have a team of engineers and technical specialists who are available to answer your questions on all aspects of laser-based manufacturing. Our facilities and technology offering can be summarised into three key areas: surface engineering, advanced machining and material joining. We will enhance your laser-based process development through support from other technical groups within the MTC such as design, tooling, digital engineering, metrology, materials engineering and physics modeling by offering a holistic end-to-end process development that will maximises output and de-risk your adoption for laser based manufacturing.


The MTC adopts a holistic and pragmatic approach in approaching laser-based manufacturing process development which covers the following aspects:

  • Laser-based process - optimise laser processing strategy for process chain efficiency
  • Validation - Develop purpose build testing equipment to validate component performance and validate material integrity after laser-based manufacturing
  • Verification - Develop high speed, cost-effective inline inspection technique to enhance processing as well as validate material changes
  • Design for laser processing - support the implementation of knowledge and software to optimise data flow, design and exploit laser-based processing
  • Simulation, connectivity and analytics - Modelling of laser-based processes to increase right first time manufacture and seamless data capture and analytical system
  • Factory implementation - Develop and validate laser-based manufacturing quality processes, H&S procedures and workflows.


The outcome of the consultation can be as follow:

  • Implementation roadmap
  • business plan/ case report
  • Feasibility study report
  • Process optimisation report
  • Process validation report
  • Process pilot report

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Exploration and experimentation

In this consultancy, the engineers will discuss and capture the business requirement and needs of the customer and transpose it into quantifiable objectives. These objectives will then be used to shape the required experimental work to provide a feasibility demonstration or proof of concept to validate the hypothesis. The experimentation work will be scoped to fit the requirement and budget of the customer and will be ensured to achieve maximum impact with the resources available. 

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