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Business Development Support

• Innovation audits • Access to finance • Incubation • Brokerage

Consulting related to Business model development Value chain analysis in the context of Aerospace (Aeronautics) Automotive Customised Electronics Industrial Machinery Manufacturing Medical Devices Textile & Clothing

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FTMC, collaborating with the Laser LT DIH, can offer the following business development services:

• innovation audits and recommendations

• the attraction of funds,

• market research,

• incubation and commercialisation.


Innovation audit:

• Analysis of the company’s innovation and management processes;

• Summarising the company’s innovation potential;

• Recommendation of management and technology directions.



• Details of the technological needs of the company;

• Recommendation of technological solutions;

• Planning deployment activities.

Access to incubation facilities.

Consulting regarding access to finance.

Help with finding consortium partners.


The innovation report includes consulting on possible laser process implementation in SME production.

Possibility for incubation in Laser LT DIH premises.

Consulting regarding access to finance (investors, open calls).

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Business Development Support Consultancy

Consultancy depends on customers' requests: innovation audit, recommendation, brokerage, incubation or access to financial support.

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