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Fast-track material screening, development and testing

Automated thermodynamic and kinetic models are used to explore a large space of possible materials and alloys, which is evaluated based on objectives such as thermal properties, processability criteria and microstructure composition.

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A framework for numerical and experimental material development is being developed at SINTEF. The methodology relies on automated thermodynamic and kinetic phase diagram calculations (CALPHAD) to investigate the effect of alloying elements on certain objectives within a material system. The objective can be e.g. to improve processability, increase the amount of recycled material in a material, or modify the properties of an alloy. Based on the numerical simulations selected alloys are prepared with Arc Melting and characterized using e.g. SEM to validate the predicted microstructure. Other suitable analysis techniques on arc melted samples includes tensile testing (sub-size specimen), hardness testing, characterization of thermal properties, and electrical/magnetic properties. When a material candidate is found which exhibits the desired objectives of the numerical and experimental analysis, small scale AM testing can be performed. Small scale powder production can be offered in-house (magnitude of grams) or by our partners within gas atomization, and crushing and plasma spheroidization (magnitude of kilograms). SINTEF offers small scale AM testing in laser beam powder bed fusion and laser beam directed energy deposition. 


Promising material candidates are prepared from elemental powder and evaluated experimentally by Arc Melting, simulating the high cooling rates of additive manufacturing. SINTEF can also assist with further development, facilitate powder production and perform industry-scale testing in our state-of-the-art PBF-LB and DED-LB systems. 


An example of the workflow has been demonstrated on the Ni-Si material system, where the objective is to find a processable alloy with high wear resistance and excellent corrosion properties. Out of several thousand potential alloy candidates evaluated numerically, a handful were characterized with arc melting. The most promising candidates were then prepared by gas atomization and crushing plus spheroidizing before DED and PBF experiments were carried out.

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