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SINTEF is located in Oslo (Norway) and works on solutions related to Data analytics in the context of Manufacturing

SINTEF is one of the PULSATE Competence Centres. Two of the SINTEF institutes: Digital and Manufacturing are partners in PULSATE, with a focus on digital solutions and additive manufacturing (AM) processes. We participate actively in selection and mentoring of the Open Call Experiments, as well have been working actively on the dissemination and sustainability aspects of PULSATE.

We also have a role as an interface to other SINTEF Institutes addressing additivemanufacturing: SINTEF Industry with expertise on laser welding and cutting and related material's science, and SINTEF Community with expertise in AM for construction industry and sustainability.

SINTEF is also the interface in PULSATE to the parallel I4MS project that addresses digital twins for manufacturing and is coordinated by SINTEF Digital.


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SISL - SINTEF Spline Libray


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Developing advanced PBF additive manufacturing processes

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Fast-track material screening, development and testing

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3D reconstruction from in situ sensor data

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Building applications based on SISL or GoTools

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