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Development of processes for coating or recovery of components with improved surface properties

Consulting related to Process development and optimization in the context of Manufacturing

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Unit Price: EUR 12,000.00 / 1.0 Real Cost


Development of the Laser Cladding Process to improve the behavior against wear and / or corrosion of high added value components.


The requirements and specific functionalities of the deposited material will be defined by the client and based on them the most appropriate filler materials will be selected, as well as their typology (powder or wire) depending on the geometry of the component to be covered, accessibility to the work area and the productivity of the process. Laser processing tests will be carried out modifying the main parameters that influence the characteristics of the deposited coating to optimize the process. 


The consulting process will result in a report that includes the design of the process from the point of view of the equipment used and all the tests carried out by modifying the process parameters until the desired results are achieved. The results of the tests carried out are included, as well as the specimens manufactured or a prototype demonstrator if its manufacture has been initially defined.

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Exploratory Phase

Clear definition and quantification of objective functionality, mutual understanding of the limits and constraints of development, and agreement on precise objectives and expected outcomes of the next phases. Initial identification, by AIMEN, of the equipment to be used and selection of the most appropriate filler material according to the functional requirements of the component to be covered.

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Laser Cladding Processing Tests

Laser processing tests will be carried out with the base material indicated by the customer and the selected filler material in specimens with geometry representative of the final component (both materials will be provided by the customer). The main process parameters (power, processing speed, amount of deposited material) will be varied until a coating with the desired geometric and functional characteristics is obtained. These coatings will be evaluated by means of destructive tests (hardness and microstructural characterization) and non-destructive tests (penetrating liquids and radiography). Specific tests defined by the customer may also be carried out to evaluate a specific characteristic of the coating.

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Manufacture a demonstrator or a representative part thereof for validation at a representative scale. The price of this service has been estimated for the manufacture of a demonstrator with a processing time not exceeding 2 hours. Otherwise the service fee will have to be reviewed.

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