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AIMEN is located in Porriño (España) and works on solutions related to Equipment design and selection, Path planning & CAM, Process development and optimization, Process qualification, Prototyping in the context of Aerospace (Aeronautics), Automotive, Industrial Machinery, Manufacturing, Medical Devices, Textile & Clothing

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AIMEN is a highly profesionalized private research organization, focused on Materials Technology and Process Engineer for the Manufacturing Industry.

AIMEN is located in the North-West of Spain, and its main mission is to provide high quality technology services to the manufacturing industry, with the goal of pushing forward the quality and competitiveness of their production. The main areas of research are Robotics/Automation, Materials, Environment/Clean production technologies, and Laser processing. 

Our Laser Applications Centre, in Porriño, is among the most sophisticated and well equipped facilities to experiment Laser-Based manufacturing technologies, from large scale (16 kW fibre delivered laser for welding, cutting or drilling, on a 30 m3 volume gantry robot system), to the ultra-precision (green femtosecond based Multiphoton Lithography system for sub-100 nm resolution 3D nanofabrication), with special focus on additive manufacturing, microdrilling, surface processing, welding and heat treatment, all together with advanced process monitoring and control, process automation, Industry 4.0 and simulation.

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