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Development and validation of the laser welding process of metallic materials

Consulting related to Process development and optimization in the context of Manufacturing

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Evaluate the technical and economic feasibility of the laser welding process for similar or dissimilar metallic materials with autogenous welding or with filler material or hybrid process (arc + laser).


The evaluation of the laser welding process included the:

• Parameterization and fine-tuning stage of the laser welding process on the joints and materials defined in small specimens.

• Validation of the characteristics and quality of the welded joint by means of metallographic and mechanical tests and radiography.

The material required for the tests will be provided by the customer and the welding consumables (process gases, protective glasses….) will be provided by AIMEN.

Finally, neither the transport of the parts, nor the preparation of the necessary means for the transport of the parts is contemplated, which will be the responsibility of the customer.


The consulting process will result in a report that includes the description of the equipment used and all the tests carried out by modifying the process parameters until the desired results are achieved. The results of the tests carried out are included, as well as the specimens manufactured.

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Exploratory Phase

Clear definition and quantification of objective functionality, mutual understanding of the limits and constraints of development, and agreement on precise objectives and expected outcomes of the next phases.

The customer shall provide, prior to the development of the work, all the technical information (drawings, possible quality and production documentation...) and the applicable regulations (if any) that the parts to be welded must comply with, as well as any other relevant information for their processing.

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Laser Welding Processing Tests

The laser welding process will be fine-tuned, by means of an adequate scanning and adjustment of the main process parameters (laser power, process speed, laser beam diameter, etc), according to the requirements and characteristics of the weld tracks defined by the customer in the previous phase.

AIMEN will select the most suitable equipment (laser source and welding head mainly) to guarantee the desired results. During these process set-up tests, the metallographic characterization of the welds is foreseen by means of macrographic observations, to verify the degree of penetration and the geometry of the welds and to optimize the processing parameters. Non-destructive testing will be performed to ensure the quality of the welded joints and mechanical teste delivered to the customer for their functional study.

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