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Foundation Certificate in Additive Manufacturing

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Course related to Process development and optimization in the context of Manufacturing

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Take MTC Training’s first fully online certificate in partnership with the National Centre for Additive Manufacturing (NCAM).

Designed as an introduction to additive manufacturing by experts from the national centre, you’ll get to grips with this disruptive technology and receive an NCAM endorsed certificate for just £319.20 + VAT.

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A guide to additive manufacturing for engineers part 1

This highly interactive online learning course will provide you with insight into each of the seven AM processes and their associated materials. The course will help you start to make an informed decision about the benefits that can be realised by adopting AM within your place of work.

A guide to additive manufacturing for engineers part 2

The second part of the online course will provide further insight into AM, focusing in greater detail on the seven processes and their associated materials. Upon completion, you will be able to describe the processes and understand their different possibilities, advantages and limitations, as well as being able to explain the material, post-processing and inspection requirements.

Best practice in process selection - Online

On this module course, you will learn how to select the most appropriate technology for your requirements. You will use our unique two-stage process selection tool to help narrow down the available processes across a range of 18 criteria. You will also work with our proven methodology to select the most appropriate machine in a given technology.

Developing the business case for additive manufacturing adoption

This structured course with fixed start and end dates includes live online lessons, interactive exercises and guided self-study tasks to assist you in developing a business case for using AM for a selected application. You will learn how to define the costs for each production step, consider the opportunities and benefits of AM for the selected component, and finally develop a recommendation based on a quantified value of AM to the business and end user.

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