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Essential requirements capture for additive manufacturing

This online course will provide engineers with a clear process to ensure that they capture all requirements for a particular AM part or assembly such that it can be designed and made to match the client’s needs.


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Is this course for you?

Are you a design or manufacturing engineer who has responsibility for defining the requirements for new AM parts or components?

Do you have a non-AM requirements capture process and know that you need to expand it for AM projects?

Do you want to expand your expertise in defining all relevant requirements to accurately define your AM project from the start?

Do you need to ensure that your AM products and designs meet the client’s expectations with minimal repetition of key steps?

If you answered Yes to any of these, you could benefit from this short, focused online course to help you with all of these challenges.

Key information

Delivery: Online learning

Duration: 0.5 hour

Cost: £25 + VAT

Level: Introduction

Target Audience:

Anyone with the responsibility of capturing detailed requirements for the design and build of a part or assembly that is to be made using additive manufacturing. This will typically include:

Design engineer

Application engineer

This course provides insight into the need for an AM-specific approach to requirements capture and the ability to update or amend existing processes to gather the necessary information for the design and build of a given AM component or assembly.

Learning Objectives

Upon completion of this course, participants will be able to:

Recognise the purpose and benefit of capturing full AM requirements in a single step

Identify AM-specific factors and questions that should be established during requirements capture process for a given application

Amend existing process and documentation to include the relevant requirements for AM

Language: English

Essential Requirements Capture for Additive Manufacturing

The online course will consist of short sections including:

Why have a specific AM requirements capture process?

The impact of effective requirements capture on the AM design and build process

Tools and documents to support an AM-specific requirements capture step, including case examples

The course will conclude with an online knowledge check assessment to ensure mastery of the key learning points.

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