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This course aims to deliver essential skills in the use of LBW technologies including topics as basic principles of laser technology, an overview of industrial laser processes, an in-depth understanding of LBW and quality assurance, safety requirements...

Course related to Process development and optimization in the context of Manufacturing

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Unit Price: EUR 550.00 / 1.0 Real Cost


Would you like to …

• Improve your knowledge in laser processing, especially in laser welding of metallic materials?

• Identify those aspects that allow you to understand why laser technology is suitable to implement in your production process?

• Know what economic and process aspects must be considered to implement a laser welding process?

Key information

• Delivery: Face to Face

• Duration: 8 hours

• Cost: 550 € + IVA

• Level: Introduction

Target Audience:

The course is designed for engineering, management, and supervisory staff whose company uses, or intends to use, laser technologies. 

Learning Objectives

At the end of the course, attendees will be familiar with:

• The difference between common industrial laser sources and the advantages of different laser beam guidance options

• The principles of laser welding of metallic materials.

• How process parameters, materials and joint designs influence the quality of the welded component.

• Industrial hazards associated with laser processing and guidance on relevant international standards which need to refer to.

Language: English

Basic Laser Technolgy

• Working principles of the most common laser types

• Beam delivery techniques.

Introduction to laser safety

• Requirements for laser safety depending upon laser type and class.

• Relevant laser safety standards.

Laser Beam Welding

• Basic principles of laser welding

• Welding parameters and design for laser beam welding

• Materials and their behavior during laser beam welding: properties of laser beams as a heat source, weldability of materials, identifying common welding imperfections/defects in welds.

• Quality of laser welding, including an overview of relevant ISO laser welding standards.

Hands on in AIMEN Laser Processing Facilities

Practical demonstration of laser welding process.

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