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This course focuses on demonstrating the skills of laser technology for coating, repairing, and remanufacturing metal component surfaces.

Course related to Process development and optimization in the context of Manufacturing

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Would you like to …

• Know the main aspects of laser technology and its use for laser cladding?

• Know how this process affects the materials, the effects of the different parameters and the filler materials used?

Key information:

• Delivery: Face to Face

• Duration: 8 hours

• Cost: 550 € + IVA

• Level: Intermediate

Target Audience:

The course is designed for design offices, engineers, R&D, materials processing specialists, mold and tool maintenance, etc.

Learning Objectives:

At the end of the course, attendees will be able to:

• Acquire the basics of laser treatment, cladding and repair techniques.

• Identify and control operating parameters on laser machines.

• Analyze and assess the influence of operating parameters.

• Know how to adjust laser tools to the specific needs of repair or cladding.

• Be familiar with the specific metallurgy of laser cladding.

• Know how to analyze a cladded layer metallurgically.

Language: English

Fundamentals of Laser Processing

• Laser beam characteristics.

• Physical principles of beam generation

• Beam quality and transfer mode

• Laser interaction with materials

Introduction to laser safety

• Laser systems

• General hazards in laser installations

• Specific health and safety considerations

• Laser safety regulations

Fundamentals of the Laser Cladding process

• Fundamentals of the process

• Filler materials

• Process parameters and their influence in materials properties.

• Industrial laser cladding systems

Laser Cladding Process

• Aspects to be consider before coating or repairing.

• Filler materials. "Rechargeability".

• Laser cladding steels: metallurgy, defects, and applications.

• Laser cladding monitoring and control systems.

Hands on in AIMEN Laser processing Facilities

Practical demonstration of laser cladding process

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