Lasercutting Bed

Laser Cutting

Equipment suitable for Cutting

Operated by THE MANUFACTURING TECHNOLOGY CENTRE LIMITED and available at the facility The Manufacturing Technology Centre for 1 year, 1 month ago (last modified 1 year, 1 month ago); viewed 342 times, linked 0 times, and booked 0 times


Laser source: C4000i-C CO2 Laser

Average output power: 4000 W

Wavelength: 10.6 nm

Frequency: 5-33 kHz

Spot size: At exit shirt < ø 27 long < ø 24 long

Pulse duration: Up to 20 µs

Travel X, Y: 12.1 m x 4.1 m

CNC: Gudel XYZ CNC Gantry

Robotic system: M-20iB 6-axis robot

Working envelope: 12 x 4 x 16 m

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