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AM of front bearing housing aerofoils for test bed engines


Development of additive layer manufacturing (ALM) has not only been limited to small and intricate components. Rolls-Royce have pioneered the development of larger significant parts and associated technologies for structural engine components. The front bearing housing is the largest aero engine structure to fly, incorporating ALM components, in the world to-date (Nov 2015).


Working in conjunction with Rolls-Royce and Arcam, MTC developed processes from powder inspection and characterisation through component manufacture to post process nondestructive testing of the ALM components

Embedded integrated project team with the machine manufacturer, the MTC and Rolls-Royce working together

Secure and confidential development location

Facilitated fast iteration of designs

Provided access to world-leading expertise in powder characterisation for additive manufacturing


Hundreds of aerospace quality components manufactured under full Rolls-Royce control

Tens of thousands of equipment run hours with extensive data capture

Electron beam additive manufactured components incorporated into ground and flying test bed XWB-97 engines


30% improvement in lead time for first development parts to stores

Fast iteration and design change implementation throughout project

Product and process knowledge captured for us in future Rolls-Royce programmes

Transferable capability and knowledge obtained as a result

Appreciation of economic business case drivers

Continuous improvements made to technology platform in conjunction with integrated project team

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