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Tian Long See


I am the technology manager at the laser processing group and responsible for the product development for the group. I have a background in laser surface processing specialise in surface manufacturing processes such as texturing, cleaning and polishing using a range of different lasers from CW to ultrashort pulsed with various wavelengths ranging from UV to IR. I am heavily involved in activity around laser surface texturing for functional surfaces/ surface engineering applications and am leading the activity within the MTC. In addition, I am also actively involved in collaborative R&D both nationally and on the EU level and manage and technically lead several large projects such as SHARK, PROMETHEUS, etc.  


Laser welding for titanium fairings

Last activity 7 months ago

The MTC works with Rolls-Royce to develop a laser welding process for titanium fairings, resulting in an automated, consistent process that eliminates reliance on tacit knowledge.

AM of front bearing housing aerofoils for test bed engines

Last activity 7 months ago

The MTC works with Rolls-Royce on the additive manufacture of a flight test front bearing housing, resulting in 30% improvement in lead time for first part to stores for the engine development programme.

Additive manufacturing of structures for the mars mission

Last activity 7 months ago

The MTC provides additive manufacturing expertise to help space R&D company Magna Parva develop a crushable thermal protection system for the mars return capsule

Next generation additively manufactured aircraft seat structure

Last activity 7 months ago

The MTC, in partnership with Assystem has demonstrated the capability of using Additive Manufacturing (AM) to enable 30% weight savings for aircraft seat structures.

Design for AM optimisation for automotive industry

Last activity 7 months ago

The MTC worked with GRM and K-Tech on a project to investigate the weight-saving of an additive manufactured motorbike part.

In-situ cladding analysis

Last activity 7 months ago

The MTC has recently completed an investigation into the development of an advanced in-situ cladding scanning method and a rapid removal and replacement process, which has the potential to increase construction quality level, add value and save time

Development of AM powder specifications

Last activity 7 months ago

Additive manufacturing of motosport upright brackets

Last activity 7 months ago

The MTC in partnership with Oxford Brookes formula one students, has used Additive Manufacturing (AM) to produce titanium uprights giving a 50% weight saving. The motorsport car was awarded: Top UK team overall and 2nd overall.

Design for AM: Additive manufactured electric motor

Last activity 7 months ago

Investigating the state of the art to determine current constraints and development opportunities of additive manufacturing for electric motor components

Investigating the feasibility of laser cleaning of battery cells

Last activity 7 months ago

Laser cleaning of battery cells to improve efficiency, reliability and productivity

Design for rapid subtractive manufacturing of AM components

Last activity 7 months ago

Establishing a best practice toolset for the design of additive manufactured components for higher volume manufacturing

Enhancing the performance of batteries in harsh environments

Last activity 7 months ago

Utilising laser surface micro-texturing to address the issue of the performance and durability for lithium-ion batteries in harsh environment applications

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