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Laser welding for titanium fairings


To produce a production-ready laser welding process to replace an existing resistance welding method for the production of titanium fairings.

The aim was to develop a process and tooling which would reduce or eliminate the need for post welding part sizing or forming.

This would improve the product consistency, reduce the manual input and decrease the cycle time.


Design and manufacture of assembly tooling with integral argon shielding

Process trials on full scale parts to produce engine test parts


Delivered fatigue test coupons used to generate stress data for process approval

Delivered parts to production geometry for static engine test running

Delivered a fully documented, transferable process for customer deployment

Generated process & lifing data applicable to future applications

Achieved significant reductions in part distortion on full scale components


A fully defined, stable, repeatable process to deliver more consistent products

Access to a world class laser facility for process development avoided the need for capital investment until a robust production process was developed

Access to industrially experienced process experts halved the time to develop a production solution

Existing production was not disrupted by development activity during the project

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