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Digital Agora

The Digital Agora is a digital ecosystem, where manufacturers and ICT experts get together, discover one another, and build trustworthy business relationships. On the one hand, manufacturers can look for ICT-related know-how, interact with experts and other peers, and find experts with proven solutions for specific challenges. On the other hand, the ICT experts can respond to challenges posed by manufacturers, promote and showcase their solutions and infrastructures, and offer their experience and know-how.

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By sps at March 24, 2022, 6:16 a.m.

The Digital Agora is composed of different building blocks; existing building blocks can be enabled or disabled and new building blocks with dedicated functionality can be created according to individual needs. The modularization and the individualization of the Digital Agora is a significan benefit for the Operators, since new functionality could be tailored to the needs of their targeted stakeholders.

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