AMLABS - Additive Manufacturing with Laser Beam Shaping
BARRELCLAD - Laser Cladding of large twin barrels
LAMELLATED - Laser Additive Manufacturing for novEL Large scAle ThermoElectric Devices
GHz-fs-IOL - Intraocular lens cutting with GHz Burst fs Lasers
TISSUE - Titanium Implants Surface Structuration by new gigahertz Ultrashort lasers Efficient process
CESFAM - Cost Effective Sensor Fusion for AM/LMD Quality Control
FLASP - Fibered LASER Shock Peening
SUBAR - Scale up of biomimetic antireflective surface laser structuring
ADDINSPECT - Digital in-process NDT for Laser based powder Additive Manufacturing
WELDSHAPE - Laser welding of hard to weld aluminium alloys
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