Laser microfabrication system MASTER DUO

Laser micromachining system, which can Include two laser sources (ps, fs), 5 axes synchronous positioning system and advanced sensory solutions for real time processing control.

Equipment related to Solid-state Laser suitable for Cleaning Cutting Drilling Marking / Engraving Micromachining Scribing Texturing

Operated by FTMC - Center for Physical Sciences and Technology and available at the facility Department of Laser technologies (FTMC) for 1 year, 1 month ago (last modified 1 year, 1 month ago); viewed 257 times, linked 0 times, and booked 0 times


Laser: Atlantic 60 (Ekspla Ltd), pulse duration 10 ps; up to 80 W @ 1064 nm, 1 MHz rep rate.

Wavelength: 1064 nm, 532 nm, 355 nm

Processing area: 600x300x150 mm (XYZ)

Positioning speed: 

  • XY galvoscanners 4 m/s; 
  • polygon scanner 100 m/s
  • positioning axis 2 m/s

Degrees of freedom:

  • XY stage
  • 2 Z axes (Galvoscanner/ polygon scanner, objective)
  • 2 rotational axes

Precision: 2 μm


  • Complete computer control with the import of CAD files
  • Advanced vision control with CCD cameras

Supported files: G code, DXF, PLT, STL (3D) files

Application areas: Machinery, electronics, medical devices, photovoltaics 

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