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Department of Laser technologies (FTMC)

CENTER FOR PHYSICAL SCIENCES AND TECHNOLOGY (FTMC) is the largest scientific research institution carrying out unique fundamental research and technological development works in scientific fields of laser technologies, optoelectronics, nuclear physics, organic chemistry, bio and nanotechnologies, electrochemical material science, functional materials, electronics, etc. in Lithuania. In the Center, innovative science and high technologies suitable for business and society needs are developed.

The Department of Laser Technologies (DLT) activities include Nanophotonics, Laser Science and Applications, the Development of Optical Component of Lasers, the Design of new Fiber and solid-state Lasers, and their Application for Precise Material Processing. Our research focuses on developing complex dielectric optical coatings, high-pulse energy fiber lasers, and amplifiers. Nonlinear interactions by generating harmonics or combining laser beams are used to increase laser power. High-average power solid-state lasers excited by diodes with synchronized modes or modulated quality solid-state lasers are developed for specialized technological applications. New interactions between laser radiation and materials are looking to create and install laser microfabrication technologies to modify metals, semiconductors, dielectrics, and thin layers of solar cells. Research is also being carried out by modeling, developing, and characterizing nanophotonic structures, waveguides, and metamaterials for light control.

DLT facilities offer a wide range of options for laser microfabrication processes. Facilities have several laser micromachining systems equipped with picosecond and/or femtosecond lasers, galvoscanners for fast processing, and linear/rotational translation stages; thus, 3D parts can be processed with laser irradiation.

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Contact details:

  • Address: Savanoriu Ave. 231 | LT-02300 Vilnius | Lithuania
  • Phone number: +370 5 2644868
  • Email address: paulius.gecys@ftmc.lt
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